The Collection

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Pattingham Vineyard's full collection of still and sparkling wines.

Our collection includes the following:

Nurton Brook   |   Solaris   |   12.5% ABV   |   A crisp, refreshing, fruity white wine which has notes of citrus and fruit on the palate.

Moor Meadow   |   Rosé   |   11% ABV   |   This English blush is filled with soft summer fruits followed by a refreshing citrus finish.

Great Moor   |   Pinot Noir Précoce   |   11.5% ABV   |   Great Moor is a delicate, fresh and fruity red wine which has notes of redcurrant and raspberry with soft tannins.

Rudge Heath   |   Divico   |   11.5% ABV   |   Our Rudge Heath is a full bodied red wine, rich in colour with black cherry notes, lightly oaked in French barrels.

Sparkling White   |   11.5% ABV   |   Lively bubbles carry vibrant citrus aroma, complimented by delicate fruit undertones. A refreshing palate unveils crisp, well-balanced acidity, zesty lemon and hints of pear. This Seyval Blanc variety is crafted using the traditional method resulting in an elegant sparkling wine.

Sparkling Rosé   |   11.5%   |   A harmonious fusion of Seyval Blanc and Pinot Noir Précoce elegantly crafted using the traditional method. Vibrant bubbles, ripe strawberry and citrus aroma. Redcurrants with a touch of brioche and a crisp finish. The essence of summer in every sip.


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